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Bar & System Design & Installation

From start to finish:

BEERMUG is the premiere restaurant services co. specializing in increasing client profitability through improved bar & beverage systems. Draft beer and beverage is the most profitable system behind the bar if designed, built and maintained correctly.  We have proven our skills all around NYC and have now brought our experiences and expertise to Philadelphia.  We are here to help you build the bar of your dreams with quality draft beer system design.  We only recommend equipment manufacturers and equipment that is tried and true through many years of experience.  We will help you to design the most efficient and cost effective system with quality always at the forefront.  Our designs are based on many years of experience in the field as service technicians.  Along with your desires and visions, we will carefully evaluate your space and its obstacles to determine and recommend the best design and beverage program for your buck.  We are not afraid to bend the rules and push the limits of customization to give you a one of a kind design.  Hence why we are one of the few draft co.'s that still recommend and customize remote forced air systems.  When its efficient, it's efficient!

Don't worry if budget is a factor, we will work with you.  We will help you to understand what is needed now and what can be added in the future when it comes to draft beer system installation.  All of our designs are user friendly and can be easily serviced and maintained as well as easily upgraded in the future.  

Once a client of BEERMUG's, you are always a client of BEERMUG.  We will install, startup, test and properly balance your system for your bar opening.  Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance  programs to clean and service your draft system to keep it in tip top shape and to keep your quality above your competition.    

Quality Draft Beer System Design

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