Draft Beer System Specialist


BEERMUG conducting a routine Quality evaluation during a cleaning & maintenance at The Ditty, NYC.

BEERMUG offers a wide range of services to our clients in order to help restore and maintain the very best in quality and profitability of your draft systems.  

System & Bar Design

Custom design installed and maintained by BEERMUG located at Milk and Hops Ramen Bar, NYC.

Call the draft beer systems specialist BEERMUG for tap beer designs and equipment installations when you're planning a new bar opening or much needed renovations.

Quality Restorations

Bactera, yeast and bio films grow and infect your equipment & system quality.

Remove and replace your outdated and infected equipment to Restore Quality to your draft system for increased sales and popularity.

Equipment Upgrades

New faucets not only increase sales, but also reduce loss due to improper sealing & oxidation.

Improve system function, efficiency and profitability with equipment upgrades and updates.

Cooling System Service & Repairs

High temperature is the result of most beer loss due to excessive foaming & increased bacteria.

What's a beer system without proper cooling?  A major headache of foam.  


24 hour emergency repair.  Busted gas gauges, no gas, gas leaks or any situation, we can handle it!

Who are you gonna call when your system breaks down the night of the big game?  

As a client of BEERMUG, we are always standing by to make sure you're cashing in!

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