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For quality draft beer,  look for the BEERMUG Quality Seal.  

Join the fight to raise the bar on Draft Beverage Quality. 

About Us

What We Do

Beer Line Cleaning by Circulation Method- 80 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than the pressurized keg! TRY IT!

We are a full service draft beer and beverage dispense company.   We help bars to achieve and maintain the best in draft quality for proven efficiency and profitability.  All our technicians are certified dispense specialists approved to help you with all your draft beverage desires: beer, cocktails, water, soda, coffee or whatever you can dream of putting on tap.   

What's a BEERMUG?

 We find, clean, fix and maintain all components of the draft system, no matter how scary.

We're doing what the other guys won't.  We are your restaurant or bar's "Go to beverage dispense and mechanical maintenance/repair company" specializing in clean, efficient taps that make you money and make your clients happy drunk, not piss drunk.   We design, install and maintain beverage dispense systems.  Designing and maintaining the cleanest, coldest and most efficient draft beer systems on the East Coast.  Providing only tested and approved draft beverage equipment..

Why Choose Us?

If it doesn't sparkle with Quality, why drink it?  We don't!
Installed Fort Lee, NJ

We will design, build and maintain your bar systems and beverage dispense systems and all their necessary components from start to finish and ongoing.  We will assure the best draft quality and most efficient and profitable bar to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.  Our draft technicians are dispense specialists and bar mechanical; efficient in general contracting including plumbing and refrigeration and suited to help you with any of your bar needs whether  it be equipment sales, service or installation.

Who We Are

From Humble Beginnings


We're glad you finally made it!  Now join BEERMUG on our journey to raise the bar on Draft Beverage Quality.  Our job is to clean up your bar and draft beverage systems to reduce your costs and raise your profits.  We take the guesswork out of running a bar.  You have enough to deal with, when it comes to your beverage program and draft beer equipment let us handle it.  We achieve this goal by getting to know each client and their beverage system individually and designing a quality program that fits you and your budget.

Founded in NYC in 2012 after more than a decade gaining valuable experience behind the scenes of hundreds of NYC bars as a runner, server, barback, bartender and finally a draft technician.  It was finally as a draft technician that BEERMUG's founder was able to combine his knowledge of the industry with his knack for problem solving and born mechanical aptitude to provide a much needed service. 

With valuable experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we know what it takes to be successful as a bar or restaurant in today's economy.  Behind the scenes of hundreds of bars in NYC, there is not much that we at BEERMUG have not seen.    

Following this great introduction to the industry, BEERMUG's founder received his certification as a Dispense Specialist at the Micro Matic Dispense Institute learning how to properly install and repair draft beer equipment to increase system efficiency and profitability. He has continued his learning ever since by studying with all the major players in the beverage industry.   We are currently adding an HVACR certification to the mix to provide more than the needed help with all of your refrigeration equipment.  We are determined to be your one stop restaurant and bar contractor. We do it all, or we will find somebody to get it done for you! 

Those who have been with us from the beginning know that we started first as BEERMUGNYC,. We then evolved into BEERMUG, INC.  and now finally BEERMUG LLC as we continue our growth and transformation.  We recently moved our headquarters from NYC to NJ to gain access to more resources and to further expand our services and service area into Philadelphia and more surrounding cities.  

We are dedicated to quality and seeing our clients achieve their full potential with increased efficiency and profitability.  We have a proven track record for turning the most troubled bars around and restoring quality to some of the most neglected beverage systems.  

Give us a call if you need somebody to help get you on the right track, or if you need some solid advice to steer your new bar or restaurant in the right direction.  

BEERMUG is here for all your bar and beverage needs!



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